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Request a brochure and application form: click here

Ten majors to prepare you for a job in the film, TV and entertainment industry.

Within three years, you'll learn everything you need from basic skills and knowledge to advanced level techniques.

Movie Creator World
Production Design World
CG & Digital Media World
Actor's World
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TBM has state-of-the-art facilities which are ideal for all filmmakers.

Facilities and equipment at TBM are all for professional use and meet broadcasting industry standards.
Students have 24-hour access to these facilities(※).
Pursue your dreams in our creator-friendly environment!
※On special occasion, some facilities may suspend 24-hour access.

Studio No. 1
Makeup Room
Equipment Room
Dance Studios
Sound Studios
Student Lounge
Production Design Workroom (annex) and Studio
CG & Editing Rooms
Art Studios
Media Center
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Study in Hollywood!
Experience the exciting atmosphere and make your own movies or perform on stage!

Expand your horizon with the eight-day study tour to Hollywood. We design courses to fit your interest. The tour takes place during the first-year curriculum and all students participate. Since 2009, acting students hold a theater production at the Stella Adler Academy theater. Also, we invite various guest lecturers from overseas to keep you inspired with the "Hollywood Way."

Try out as many subjects as you wish and discover what you truly love.

We value your uniqueness and individuality. Find what you love and see how you can apply to the current movie and TV industries' needs. You may be still wondering what kind of position or job fits your interest, but don't worry. Our W-Major curriculum gives you opportunities to explore subjects outside of the major you registered in.As you widen your knowledge, you will be able to find a specific job you would like to do and be comfortable pursuing your dreams.

  • What's good about W-Major curriculum?
  • ●You can widen your knowledge.
  • ●You can have opportunities to challenge something new.
  • ●You can add extra skills and experiences to your resume.
  • ●Absolutely free of charge.
  • ●You can take courses in multiple fields.
  • ●As you try out, you will find what field fits your interest and talent.

If your goals or dreams evolve into something entirely new, you can switch to a major that fits your needs.

Learn from professionals on the job!
We collaborate with many professional artists and creators.

TBM encourages students to work with professionals on exciting projects outside the classroom.

Seminars taught by leading creators and artists:

Every day is a movie day! Special occasions galore to learn about the industry!

Masahiko Tsugawa Seminar

Screenplay analysis by Masahiko Tsugawa, Japan's leading actor and director. Using software Dramatica to find story structure, participants not only listen to his lecture but also critique a selected movie in presentation style, and then discuss it with Mr. Tsugawa for deeper understanding. Mr. Tsugawa supervises graduation projects. Also, he holds acting lessons for those who are interested in auditioning for his talent agency Grand Papa.

Yoko Narahashi Seminar

This seminar led by renowned casting director Yoko Narahashi aims at sending out actors to both Japanese and Hollywood motion pictures. Participants need basic acting skills so that they will fully absorb advanced techniques, which many actors including Ken Watanabe, Hiroyuki Sanada and Kaori Momoi apply to their work. In past, some of our students auditioned for the movie “Babel”starring Brad Pitt.

Musical Seminar

This seminar is led by professional actors including Ryuhei Mochizuki, Asayoshi Fujiwara,Minoru Saikashi, Shuichiro Kutsuzawa, Rumiko Endo, Junko Iwamoto, former members of the prominent Gekidan Shiki theater company. Hone your skills in acting, singing and dancing as well as audition technique for entering Gekidan Shiki. Also, take opportunities to audition for a part in Mr. Mochizuki's company OOBJ production.

Support in Your Job Hunting

TBM has close relationship with more than 300 companies. Find the shortest path to the film and TV industries!

  • Advisors with knowledge and experience.

    Feel free to consult with resourceful advisors on how to set your career path and find a company you wish to work for. We have a course to learn basic business skills also, in which you can practice job interviews as well as learn how to write your resume.

  • Job offerings from over 200 companies every year!

    TBM has sent out many graduates. Their hard work and commitment is highly valued in many companies. That's one of the reasons why we get so many job offerings. Among them are the industry's leading companies, which usually hire top-level university graduates only.

  • Meet professionals and corporate representatives at seminars

    We invite representatives from various companies to attend special seminars twice a year, which is a great opportunity for students to meet recruiting personnel with resumes in hand.
    First-year students can join as observers, while third-year students can sit and talk with each company. You may be able to get interviewed by executives and land a position on spot.

  • Internship

    TBM has strong ties with various corporations. We will offer many opportunities to join their projects, and some of them are open to first-year students.
    As you learn skills in classroom, you will apply for internship, which may lead to getting a full-time position there.

  • We will support graduates' career, too.

    【Pursue your career further】
    The industry always seeks people with better skills and abilities. Companies notify us when positions are open throughout the year. Don't hesitate to consult us even after graduating.
    【Equipment rental for graduates】
    Some graduates begin to work as freelance workers right after they finish school. Whether you become a freelance or a company employee, feel free to use the school facilities and equipment.

We support your debut.

Find an opportunity to make your debut through on- and off-campus auditions.We network with more than 100 agencies!

  • Ask your audition advisors!

    Our advisors have marvelous background in acting. Faculty members include former Gekidan Shiki theater company members and managers at talent agencies. They will support your efforts to select agencies and fill in a profile sheet, and give advice on auditioning.

  • Industry & Academic Cooperative Projects

    We get numerous casting calls from production companies and TV stations throughout the year. Students in acting department appear as actors, voice actors, dancers or models in various productions. Also, we will work toward special projects including theater performances directed by Mr. Yutaka Narui from the theater company Caramel Box, while learning audition technique aimed at particular theater companies.

  • On-Campus Audition Week

    Normally, actors must go out and visit agencies one by one, but TBM invites agents to campus. Approximately 100 agencies visit us to take a look at our showcase. Sometimes one student receives call backs from more than 30 agencies. Don't miss this rare opportunity.

  • Audition Techniques

    While you can learn basic acting skills in class, you need to know how to present yourself to sign up with an agent. Through some special guidance, you will learn
    (1) presentation skills
    (2)choose subjects and topics
    (3) effective usage of time and so on.

  • Support after graduation

    We support you even after your graduation. If you miss a chance to find representation,don't worry. Sign up with COM Debut Center and you'll get opportunities to join on-campus audition weeks. School gets casting calls from time to time, so stay tuned.

Make your dreams come true and meet our graduates.

Our graduates, who made their dreams come true, share the passion and dreams with you. They inspire each other and continue to grow. How did their job hunting go? Here are some words from older students.

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Find your dream job! Join our hands-on trial sessions and open campus!